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Invested in YOUR satisfaction.


 Every single employee of SOS is a company stakeholder. That means every employee of SOS is totally invested in your ongoing satisfaction to ensure a long and mutually beneficial business partnership.  We also have implemented "Ethical Pricing Markups" which can potentially save you thousands in repairs compared to typical industry standard markups. 



Our clients range from schools & universities to hotels and condo management companies. We service Police, Fire, Military, Government & employee fitness centres and everything in between.  We service fitness centres all across Alberta.



At SOS, we have an extremely diverse team of professionals.  Our business model was designed for maximum openness, inclusion and transparency.  So much so that we have removed the management hierarchy completely. 



Even though we have expanded from just serving Calgary to across the Province of Alberta; you'll still get the same small-town hospitality feel when dealing with us! With over 400 commercial clients, you will STILL get to speak with your regular point of contact. We also try our best to have the same tech(s) servicing your facility so they become familiar with the intricacies of each of your machines.  

All technicians at SOS are Factory trained and capable of handling every make & model of fitness equipment. Currently all techs have over 5000 hours of service under their belts. 




When you choose SOS, you’re getting more than the Alberta’s finest fitness equipment sales & service provider — you’re getting an ongoing relationship geared for success. Together, there’s no detail of your fitness business that we can’t fine-tune, add value to or revitalize. And that includes your bottom line.

“No Managers within our organization. No commissions on sales. This is what gives us the clear and distinct advantage over our competition. It allows us to maximize our client satisfaction, overall experience and provide an unbeatable customer experience.”

- Jason Richard on removing over 30% of payroll that was set aside for management- to providing a higher wage and superior quality training for all employees, and while removing turn-over within the organization.

Our Corporate Structure

SOS Fitness Services Inc. is an Alberta based company with roots that started way back in 1985. Our home base is in Calgary, Alberta, however we do service Alberta in it’s entirety.

Early 2014, the service division of what was formerly Fitsystems Inc. was purchased by the employees who worked in that division by the companies founders. It was then that the name SOS Fitness Services was born. Right away the focus went away from profits & centred in on customer service and satisfaction. It was this decisive change that led SOS to becoming the largest fitness service company in Alberta. Major companies took notice of how our business was structured and the benefits to themselves as clients.

All employees within SOS Fitness Services Inc. are also owners. We believe this gives us the edge over our competition in many ways including but not limited to:

  • Employee job satisfaction
  • Higher motivation levels
  • Prime focus on customer satisfaction, not profits
  • Virtually-Zero employee turnover

In addition to the listed benefits, SOS employees/owners enjoy the perks of a (controversial but proven) manager-less system. This frees up nearly 30% of payroll usually designated for management. This additional allotment of income allows SOS to pay a higher than industry average wage- removing the need for commission and bonus sales-driven compensation structures. This allows you, our clients to reap the benefits of not having to pay extra for the sales person’s wages on products they purchase. This along with exceptional customer service results in an unmatched customer retention record.

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On commercial fitness equipment, maintenance packages and extended warranties. 


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Exclusive Deals

Certain consulting services are offered free of charge to existing SOS Fitness Service contracted clients. All other services receive 10% discount.